Bone and Joint Care

From our head to our toes, bones provide support for our bodies and help form our shape. The skull protects the brain and forms the shape of our face. The spinal cord, a pathway for messages between the brain and the body, is protected by the backbone, or spinal column.The ribs form a cage that shelters the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen, and the pelvis helps protect the bladder, intestines, and in women, the reproductive organs.Although they’re very light, bones are strong enough to support our entire weight.The human skeleton has 206 bones, which begin to develop before birth.

A joint or articulation (or articular surface) is the location at which bones connect. They are constructed to allow movement (except for skull, sacral, sternal, and pelvic bones) and provide mechanical support, and are classified structurally and functionally.Joints are mainly classified structurally and functionally. Structural classification is determined by how the bones connect to each other, while functional classification is determined by the degree of movement between the articulating bones.

The Bone and Joint care centres at our alliance partner hospitals provide complete health care and preventive treatment for a variety of bone and joint problems, including complex fractures and bone tumours. Our physicians and surgeons are experts in the fields of tumour surgery, bone transplantation, joint replacement, spine and lower back problems, hand surgery, arthritis, and foot and ankle treatment. Our team includes orthopaedic physicians and surgeons, physician assistants, registered nurses, medical assistants, orthopaedic technicians, physical and occupational therapists, and radiologists — all specially trained to provide complete bone and joint care.

We have divided bone and joint care services into four broad segments- joint replacement surgeries, paediatric orthopaedic surgeries, sports medicine and orthopaedic oncology services.

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