Currae Hospital

Envisioned by Patni Group one of the leading brands in the Indian IT industry, CURRAE Hospitals is set to offer hassle-free healthcare by making use of latest medical technologies under the supervision of highly adept healthcare experts. That explains why every effort of ours goes into maintaining transparency at all costs, keeping convenience of every patient on priority and delivering accurate treatments for your faster recovery.

CURRAE offers its hassle-free healthcare services through the following three Hospitals:
• CURRAE Specialty Hospital – Thane, Mumbai
• CURRAE Eye Care Hospital – Madhyamgram, West Bengal
• CURRAE Gynaec | IVF | Birthing Hospital – Thane, Mumbai

CURRAE Specialty Hospital
CURRAE Specialty Hospital, Thane houses Specialties such as
• Orthopaedics and spine,
• General Surgery,
• Gynaecology, Bariatric Surgery,
• Urology,
• Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery,
• Gastroenterology and post-surgical care.

The quality treatments offered here makes it among the top three players in knee replacement and spine surgeries in Thane region. CURRAE shall offer an array of services like OPD consultations, Surgical treatment, Intensive care, In-patient Services, Endoscopy Suite, Physiotherapy, Health checks, Round the clock Laboratory, Round the clock Pharmacy and cafeteria.

CURRAE Eye Care Hospital
Situated in Madhyamgram, West Bengal CURRAE Eye Care Hospital offers a variety of treatments by making use of the latest scientific advancements and medical technologies from the world of Ophthalmology to take care of health conditions that affect vision. From consultations to check-ups to surgeries, CURRAE Eye Care has it all. Making it truly the future of Eye Care! The broad categories of our specialities at CURRAE Eye Care Hospitals are –
• General Eye Care,
• Women Eye Care,
• Pediatrics Eye Care,
• Diabetic Eye Care,
• Eye Check-ups,
• Cataract treatments,
• Retinal treatments,
• Glaucoma Correction,
• Cornea Surgeries,
• Pediatric Ophthalmology,
• Occuloplasty & Facial Aesthetics,
• Neuro Opthalmology,
• Low vision Aids.

CURRAE Gynaec | IVF | Birthing Hospital
Located in Thane, CURRAE Gynaec | IVF | Birthing Hospitals is where you get introduced to a whole new world which offers a comprehensive consultancy and treatment services related to woman’s health, fertility treatment and birthing in hassle-free and joyful environment. Our bouquet of services include –
• Consultation with specialist Counseling cell ,
• Diet & nutrition consultation ,
• Birth preparation classes,
• Diagnostics with latest technology
• High risk pregnancy management
• Management for fertility problems from required screening of couple to best possible treatment like IVF, IUI etc.

Currae – Women’s Healthcare Specialist
Currae supports women healthcare throughout their lifelong journey from puberty, child bearing age to menopause and beyond. Currae offers the latest in women’s healthcare in a hassle free environment to ensure a joyful experience. Currae Gynae I IVF I Birthing Hospital has state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies to provide high quality treatment with precision. The team brings together years of experience and a wide range of clinical backgrounds and specialties, ensuring that every patient’s care is customised to her individual needs – all in aluxurious, comfortable and convenient setting. Every employee at Currae is a ‘Specialist’ trained in women’s healthcare.

Comprehensive range of Healthcare Services for Women
Coverage of 25 services
Normal delivery, C-Section, High Risk Pregnancy, Painless Delivery (Epidural Analgesia) , Paediatrics & Neonatology, IVF, Fertility Treatment, Gynaec Surgeries, Plastic & Cosmetic, Minimal Access Surgery, Breast Cancer, Urogynaecology, Oncology, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Weight Loss Surgery, Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeries, Diet & Clinical Nutrition, Psychiatry Medicine, Antenatal Sessions, PCOD Clinic, Menopause Clinic, Adolescence Clinic, Health Check-up, Radiology, Pathology, Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Cord Cell Banking, Vaccination, Lactation Therapy.

Complete range of Facilities for Women
20 Well Defined Departments
OPD, Counselling Room, Labour Room, Birthing Suite, LDRP, Operation Theatres, IVF OT, IVF Lab, Andrology Lab, ICU, NICU, Emergency Room, X- Ray, Mammography, 2D & 4D Sonography, 24*7 Pathology, Pharmacy, Blood Storage, Baby Bath

Complete Coverage of Specialists Under One Roof for Women
60 Expert Doctors
Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Fertility Specialists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Cosmetologists, Oncosurgeons, Breast Cancer Specialists, Urologists, Intensivists, Neonatologists, Endrocrinologists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Radiologist, Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Yoga Experts, 24*7 Cover of Gynaecologists & NICU Specialists

Hassle-free & Joyful Environment for Women>
Women’s Delight
Personalized Care, 24*7 Guidance Centre, Antenatal, Garbhasanskar, Yoga Sessions, Mom’s Makeover, Doula Services, Muhurat Birthing,Transparent Billing, Cashless Hospitalisation, Children Play Area, Celebration Room, Gift Shop & Coffee Shop.