Geriatric Care

Taking care of our senior citizens is one of the most imperative personal as well as social obligations that we should be committed to.

We at Curis Global Healthcare Solutions understand the need of taking care of dependent parents who are senior citizens and this age need support.

• Healthcare
• Financial & Legal Planning
• Security & maintenance
• Socialization
• Dignified Living

We start with evaluating your family member’s healthcare needs with the medical history provided in the History sheet which is submitted online. After evaluation we work with you, your family doctor if available and with our panel specialist to develop a plan that is best for you and your family, whether on a continuous basis or on a periodic visit to ensure their continued well-being.

Our objective is to support the working people, who have limitation of time to be around their family due to their professional commitments, or because they stay far away from their parents. In this case most of the People who are working build up more stress and at times question themselves if they are doing justice in taking care of their parents. Curis Global bridges here and assures good care of their parents by constant monitoring of their physical condition.