Global Hospitals Group

Global Hospitals is today India’s fastest growing chain of facilities offering tertiary level super specialty care and multi organ transplantation services.

With hospitals already functioning in Hyderabad, Bengaluru , Mumbai & Chennai & one International unit in Tanzania, Africa, the group is all set to foray into Kolkata, Delhi and Bhubaneswar.

Global Hospitals Group is one of the largest private hospitals group in India treating more than 100 thousand patients every year.

Today the hospital provides multi-specialty and quaternary care services, with each department headed by specialists with years of experience in India and Abroad.

State of the art facilities & professional expertise at Global Hospitals combine together to deliver world class patient care. It has gained the reputation of being a major referral centre in the country.

Global has emerged as India’s premier Liver transplantation center with over 900 liver transplants to its credit. One of the few centres in the world to have performed the most number of Pediatric Liver Transplants.

Through rare surgeries and new therapies Global Hospitals has saved lives and given hope to millions. Some of the path-breaking medical accomplishments are as under.

First successful Single Lung Transplant in India
First Adult Swap Liver Transplant in India
First Split-Liver Transplant in India
First Auxiliary Liver Transplant in India
First Hospital in South India to perform five successful organ transplants in single day.
First Hospital in South Asia to perform Nucleus Replacement in Spine
First Pediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplant in Asia
Largest Multi-organ Transplant Centre in India
Foremost Minimal Access Surgery/Bariatric Surgery Programme
Foremost Hospital to do stem-cell transplantation in Spine/Cardiology/Neurology.
First Minimally Invasive Lung Transplant in India
First Innovative Paediatric Liver Transplant in India
First Twin Kidney Transplant in the State of erstwhile AP
First Split Liver Transplant in the State of Tamil Nadu
First corporate Hospital to be recognized by Govt. of India, for Research & Development.
Only Indian Hospital to have been associated with King’s College Hospital, United Kingdom for Liver Transplantations

International Patients Services

Global Hospitals is equipped with top notch medical infrastructure that’s on par with many of the world’s leading medical institutions. Patient safety and comfort are given the top most priority and the Hospital follows stringent quality control norms to ensure that. Documentation of the operation procedures and automation of the most routine processes helps eliminate possibilities of error.

Global Hospitals is known for its world-class multi super specialty care at affordable prices, and this is what draws hundreds of patients from other countries. International patients and their family members are assured of the best services, in order to make their stay pleasant and comfortable.

The services include:

Visa Assistance
Transportation, including airport pickup and ambulances
Translators in all languages
Coordination of all appointments
Cost estimate for anticipated treatment
Remote consultations via Telemedicine
Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families
Special nurse assistants
Special meals honouring dietary requirements
Locker facility for all valuables
Arrangements for special cultural or religious needs
VIP concierge services for shopping, dining, sightseeing, and special events
Foreign Exchange

Medical Management: Cost Effective Care

Global Hospitals International Patients Service Center is committed to helping patients receive the best possible care at the right time, in the right setting, by the right physician. Medical management nurses work closely to ensure that care is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner They also help the patient and family understand the medical plan of care, and provide discharge planning and patient / family education services in several languages When necessary, the medical management nurse communicates with the patient’s insurance company or doctor at home Medical Second Opinion Services .A Medical Second Opinion service is available to patients, their physicians and referring organizations, seeking an objective assessment of a patient’s treatment options. Provided at Global Hospitals or remotely, the second opinion includes a review of the patient’s medical information and diagnosis and recommended treatment plan based on the latest research and clinical expertise.

Cost Estimates

Estimates of the cost anticipated treatment are provided after a Global Hospitals’ physician has reviewed the patient’s complete medical information. The estimate considers factors such as:
Type of procedure
Operating room time
Provisions for anesthesia
Estimated duration of inpatient stays
Any planned follow-up visits or therapies

The Chennai unit of Global Hospitals is the Biggest Transplant Center in India and is spread over an area of 21 Acres with 1000 beds. It is also the first hospital in India to achieve “HALAL CERTIFICATION”.